Admission 2024/2025

Applications to open-admission Master's degree programmes for the academic year 2024/2025 are open from 22 January 2024. The application deadline for non-EU students VISA applicants is 30 April 2024. The application deadline for EU students is 30 June 2024.

The application must be submitted online, through the “Admission application” button (on the bottom of this page). Before that, you have to login into the system, by following the instructions provided at this page.

  1. Submit required documents:
    • Standard documentation: (i) degree certificate - if already graduated - and (ii) transcripts attesting exams taken, grades and credits (ECTS/CFU);
    • Passport/ID card;
    • A short CV;
    • English language certification (if any; please check the list of accepted certificates here);
  2. Pay the application fee. The payment form is available at the end of the application procedure. Online electronic payments from major circuits are accepted.

Please note: incomplete or multiple submissions will not be considered.

  1. Applicants will be asked to take an online background knowledge test to verify personal competencies and skills. To learn more about the test, please check the "Background knowledge test" section here below. Candidates who do not sit or reach the minimum level required by the Admission Board in the admission test will not be further evaluated and cannot sit further tests;
  2. The Admission Board will verify the entry requirements in terms of credits (CFU/ECTS) for candidates who successfully pass the test (these credits must be possessed by the date of effective submission of the application for admission);
  3. Once the entry requirements verified, the Admission Board will decide whether to admit or reject or ask the candidate for an interview (via Skype or other electronic means). In the meanwhile, applicants must take and pass an English test with SLAM, unless they already provided a valid English certificate;
  4. The candidate will receive the letter of admission/rejection, through the students’ application portal, to the e-mail address provided in your online application submission; at this step of the procedure, the International Students' Office will also verify the compliance of provided documents from international applicants;
  5. In case of admission, the applicant will be able to proceed with enrolment and pay the annual fees. As soon as the procedure opens, we kindly suggest proceeding with the enrollment.

All applicants who regularly apply for MIE and paid the application fee will be invited via e-mail to take an online background knowledge test about the three following areas: Basics of Management, Marketing and Strategy; Financial Accounting; Statistics (please see the "Suggested Bibliography" section here below).
40 multiple choice questions (20 Basics of Management, Marketing and Strategy + 10 Financial Accounting + 10 Statistics), no penalties for wrong answers.
Time available: 60 minutes. Threshold for passing the test: 40% (min. 16 correct answers). The background knowledge test can be taken once only.

Instructions on how and when to take the test are usually sent about one week prior the test date.

Tests are scheduled as follows:

11 April 2024 - for those who applied by 26 March
10 May 2024 - for those who applied by 30 April
11 June 2024 - for those who applied by 31 May
9 July 2024 - for those who applied by 30 June

Here is a suggested bibliography to prepare yourself for the online background knowledge test. This is not intended to be mandatory, as each applicant may feel free to choose different materials.

A) Management Area
One of the following:

- William Nickels, Jim McHugh and Susan McHugh (2022), "Understanding Business", McGraw Hill  (ISBN13: 9781266653131)

- Andrew Gillespie (2024), "Foundations of Business", Oxford University Press (ISBN: 9780198849537)

B) Marketing Area

Philip T. Kotler & Gary Armstrong (2020), "Principles of Marketing", 18th Global Edition, Pearson (ISBN 9781292341132)

C) Strategy Area

Richard Whittington, Patrick Regnér, Duncan Angwin, Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes (2021), "Fundamentals of Strategy", 5th edition, Pearson (ISBN-13: 9781292351384)

D) Financial Accounting Area
One of the following:

- Mary Carey and Cathy Knowles (2020), "Accounting: A smart approach", Oxford University Press (ISBN: 9780198844808)

- Fred Phillips, Shana Clor-Proell, Robert Libby and Patricia Libb (2024), “Fundamentals of Financial Accounting”, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill (ISBN13: 9781266669484)

E) Statistics Area

Alan Agresti (2018), "Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences", 5th edition, Pearson (ISBN: 978-0134507101)

Academic year 2024-25

Admission to the Master programme in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship requires:

1) Curricular requirements

A - an Italian degree (ex. DM 270 /04) of the following classes or an Italian degree (ex DM 509/99) in the subjects equivalents to those listed above.
L-16 Scienze dell'amministrazione e dell'organizzazione
L-18 Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale
L-33 Scienze economiche

B - Candidates holding a different degree qualification can apply if they meet the following minimum requirements:
At least 50 CFU/ECTS in the areas of business/management, economics, mathematics, statistics and law, divided as shown here below:
- at least 24 CFU/ECTS in the area of business/management (SECS-P/07, SECS-P/08, SECS-P/09, SECS-P/10, SECS-P/11, ING-IND/35);
- at least 12 CFU/ECTS in the area of economics (SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/06, SECS P/12);
- at least 12 CFU/ECTS in the area of mathematics and statistics (SECS-S/01, SECS-S/03, SECS-S/04, SECS-S/05, SECS-S/06, MAT/05, MAT/06, MAT/09);
- in order to obtain the needed 50 CFU/ECTS applicants can also consider credits in law (IUS/04, IUS/05, IUS/07), but the minimum 48 CFU/ECTS in the three areas above (at least 24 credits in business/management, at least 12 credits in economics and at least 12 credits in mathematics/statistics) are mandatory.
The requirements must be met by the date of effective submission of the application for admission.

2) Proficiency in English

Proficiency in English at a B2 level or higher per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is required for admission.
The B2-level requirement will be ascertained by the University Language Centre (SLAM) upon admission as follows:
- Language certificate of B2 or higher level issued no more than three years before the date of admission application. You will find the list of language certificates recognized by the University at: The certificate must be uploaded when submitting the online application;
- English level achieved during a University of Milan degree programme and certified by the University Language Centre (SLAM) no more than four years before the date of admission application, including levels based on language certificates submitted by the applicant during their Bachelor's degree at the University of Milan. In this case the process is automatic, the applicant does not have to attach any certificates to the application;
- Placement test administrated by the University Language Centre (SLAM) according to the calendar published on the website:
All those who fail to submit a valid certificate or do not meet the required proficiency level will be instructed during the admission procedure to take the placement test.
Applicants who do not take or pass the placement test will be required to obtain a language proficiency certificate recognized by the University (see: and deliver it to the SLAM via the InformaStudenti service by the deadline fixed for the master's programme (
Applicants who do not meet the requirement by said deadline will not be admitted to the master's degree programme and may not sit any further tests.

3) Personal competencies and skills: assessment criteria

Minimum curricular requirements are necessary yet not sufficient conditions for admission. Candidates will be also evaluated on the basis of personal competencies and skills by an Admission Board appointed by the Faculty Board (Collegio Didattico).
Assessment of personal competencies and skills will be ascertained in two subsequent stages. First, candidates will take a written online admission test, held in English language. Detailed description of the test content, dates and organization will be provided on the website of the master program, 'Application' section. Candidate who do not sit or reach the minimum level required by the Admission Board in the admission test will not be further evaluated and cannot sit further tests.
For candidates who reach the minimum level in the admission test and meet the compulsory curricular requirements, the Admission Board will further evaluate their personal competencies and skills based on academic merit and choice coherence. Academic merit relates to the quality of the previous degree as well as the average grade obtained in the bachelor program. Grades obtained in Bachelor business/management, mathematics and statistics courses could also be evaluated to assess candidates' academic merit. Choice coherence relates to coherence between the academic and professional curriculum of the candidates and the learning objectives of the Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree programme.
To allow the Admission Board to assess academic merit and choice coherence, each applicant must submit at time of application:
- a detailed curriculum vitae (it refers to study and work experience and any relevant achievements);
- a detailed study plan of the bachelor program, with the list of exams taken and relative grade, as well as average grade obtained and final degree.
Failing to provide the compulsory documentation will result in the exclusion from the selection procedure.

The Admission Board reserves the possibility to request the applicant an oral interview for admission, held in English language and exclusively done via electronic devices. The interview is aimed at further verifying the skills as mentioned above.

Applicants must obtain the bachelor degree by 31st December 2024.

To obtain the degree, those who do not hold an Italian high school diploma or bachelor's degree must demonstrate proficiency in Italian at the A2 or higher level per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This level must be demonstrated prior to completing the course programme in one of the following ways:
- by submitting a certificate of A2 or higher level issued no more than three years prior to the date of submission. You will find the list of language certificates recognized by the University at: The language certificate must be submitted to the University Language Centre (SLAM) via the Language Test category of the InformaStudenti service:;
- via an entry-level test administrated by SLAM that can be taken only once and is compulsory for all students who do not have a valid language certificate. Those who fail to reach A2 level will have to attend one or more than one 60-hour Italian course(s) geared to their level.
Those who do not take the entry-level test or fail to pass the end-of-course test after six attempts will have to obtain language certification privately in order to earn the 3 credits of Additional language skills: Italian.


Application for admission: from 22/01/2024 to 30/06/2024

Application for matriculation: from 08/04/2024 to 15/01/2025

Attachments and documents

Admission notice

Please note

Non-EU students visa applicants are required to apply for admission no later than 30 April 2024. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be evaluated and it will in no case be possible to request the refund of the admission fee.

Further information

For students enrolled on bachelor’s, master’s and single cycle degree programmes are divided into two instalments of different amounts and with different payment deadlines:

  • the first, corresponding to the minimum amount, is the same for all students 
  • the second - technically referred to as an ‘all-inclusive fee’-  that is variable.

The University provides:

  • no tax area for students on track with exams and not on track with exams for one year with ISEE certification until 30.000 €.
  • Fees exemption on account of merit, income or disability, or if they meet other specific requirements;
  • Concessions for students meeting high merit requirements;
  • Diversified tuition fees according to the student's home country for international students with assets/income abroad;
Scholarships and benefits

The University also provides:

  • Part-time study 
  • Financial aid, refectory service, accommodation,
  • Awards and scholarships

Students who decide to study in Italy often find themselves thrown into a system and a culture which are very different from those of their own countries; they must also deal with unfamiliar and, at times, complex bureaucratic procedures.

At our University they can now count on the Welcome Desk, a service designed for students, doctoral students and interns who have come to Milan for the first time, but also to those who already live in the city and need to verify the validity of academic qualifications obtained abroad in order to enrol on one of our courses.

The Welcome Desk aims at being the international students’ point of reference for all the initial necessities of your new adventure in Milan and at Unimi.

Welcome Desk
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The office only receives by appointment. Book through the Informastudenti service by selecting the "INTERNATIONAL" category once logged in. Applicants who have not enrolled yet should register here as external users first.