Academic year 2022-23
Admission requirements

Admission to the Master programme in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship requires:

1) Curricular requirements

A - an Italian degree (ex. DM 270 /04) of the following classes or an Italian degree (ex DM 509/99) in the subjects equivalents to those listed above.

L-16 Scienze dell'amministrazione e dell'organizzazione
L-18 Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale
L-33 Scienze economiche

B - Candidates holding a different degree qualification can apply if they meet the following minimum requirements:
1. At least 50 CFU/ECTS in the areas of business/management, economics, mathematics, statistics and law by the deadline for admission application:
2. Out of these 50 CFU/ECTS:
_at least 24 CFU/ECTS in the area of business/management (SECS-P/07, SECS-P/08, SECS-P/09, SECS-P/10, SECS-P/11, ING-IND/35);
_at least 12 CFU/ECTS in the area of economics (SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, SECS-P/03, SECS-P/06, SECS P/12);
_at least 12 CFU/ECTS in the area of mathematics and statistics (SECS-S/01, SECS-S/03, SECS-S/04, SECS-S/05, SECS-S/06, MAT/05, MAT/06, MAT/09);
_In order to obtain the needed 50 CFU/ECTS applicants can also consider credits in law (IUS/04, IUS/05, IUS/07).

C - Proficiency in English at a B2 level or higher, under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), is required for admission.
The B2-level requirement will be ascertained by the University Language Centre (SLAM) upon admission as follows:
- Language certificate at or above B2, obtained no more than three years earlier. For the list of language certificates recognized by the University please review: The certificate must be uploaded when submitting the online application;
- English level achieved during a Bachelor's degree programme through SLAM courses and tests. The test must have been passed within the last four years. It will be assessed administratively, without the applicant having to attach any certificates;
- Placement Test delivered by the University Language Centre (SLAM), which will take place according to the schedule posted to the website:
All those who fail to submit a valid certificate or do not meet the required proficiency level will be invited to take the test through the admission procedure.
Candidates who do not sit or pass the placement test will have until 30 June 2022 (Extra EU) or by 31 July 2022 (EU) to obtain and submit a recognized certificate to SLAM.
Students who do not meet the requirement by 30 June 2022 (Extra EU) or by 31 July 2022 (EU) will not be admitted to the Master's degree programme and may not sit further tests.

2) Assessment of personal competencies and skills

Minimum curricular requirements cannot be considered as a verification of personal competencies and skills, which is mandatory. Admission is conditional on the assessment of the personal qualification by the Admission Board, whose member are appointed by the Faculty Board Collegio Didattico.

For candidates who meet the minimum requirements, assessment of personal competencies and skills is based on academic merit and choice coherence. To this end, each applicant must submit, together with the application:
_a detailed curriculum vitae (it refers to study and work experience, and any relevant achievements);
_a detailed study plan of the bachelor program, with the list of exams taken and relative grade, as well as average grade obtained and final degree.
_a short bio detailing the coherence of the candidate?s previous experience with MIE and the selected curriculum.
Failing to provide the compulsory documentation will result in the exclusion from the selection procedure.

The Admission Board evaluates each candidate according to the grid below. Applicants who obtain less than 60 points are not admitted. Applicants who obtain more than 80 points are admitted without any further verification.

Criterion: Academic curriculum
Description: quality of the previous degree as well as the average grade obtained in the bachelor program. Grades obtained in business/management, mathematics and statistics courses are also part of the evaluation.
Maximum Score: 60

Criterion: Choice coherence
Description: Coherence between the academic curriculum and/or activities previously carried out and the learning objectives of the MSc in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Maximum Score: 40

The Admission Board reserves the possibility to request the applicant an oral interview or written text for admission, held in English language and exclusively done via electronic devices (eg.: via skype or other platforms). The interview is aimed at verifying the skills as mentioned above. Details will be published on the website.

Applicants must obtain the bachelor degree by 31st December 2022.
Call and deadlines


Application for admission: from 15/03/2022 to 30/06/2022

Application for matriculation: from 01/04/2022 to 16/01/2023

Attachments and documents

Admission notice

Please note

Non-EU visa applicants are required to apply for admission no later than 31 May 2022. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be evaluated and it will in no case be possible to request the refund of the admission fee.

Further information

For students enrolled on bachelor’s, master’s and single cycle degree programmes are divided into two instalments of different amounts and with different payment deadlines:

  • the first, corresponding to the minimum amount, is the same for all students 
  • the second - technically referred to as an ‘all-inclusive fee’-  that is variable.

The University provides:

  • no tax area for students on track with exams and not on track with exams for one year with ISEE certification until 20.000 €.
  • Fees exemption on account of merit, income or disability, or if they meet other specific requirements;
  • Concessions for students meeting high merit requirements;
  • Diversified tuition fees according to the student's home country for international students with assets/income abroad;
Scholarships and benefits

The University also provides:

  • Part-time study 
  • Financial aid, refectory service, accommodation,
  • Awards and scholarships