Careers and stakeholders

Professional profile: the Program is aimed at young people who want to embark on a managerial career oriented towards innovation themes, as well as those who want to start new business ventures.
Functions: business analysis and development; coordination and management of innovation projects; new business model development; entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs; property rights consultants;
Skills: ability to analyze and interpret sectoral and competitive dynamics; to design new initiatives within existing companies; ability to plan and start new business ventures;
Career opportunities: managers in national and international manufacturing and service companies, in large retailers; entrepreneurs; freelancers and consultant in the design and implementation of new initiatives.

The course is intended to prepare enrolled students to the following professions (ISTAT Classification):

Digital Innovation Curriculum

Directors of private companies in manufacturing sectors
Directors of private companies in commerce
Directors of private companies in services for companies, banks and similar
Directors of business functions
Entrepreneurs and small business managers in information and telecommunication services

Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Entrepreneurs, managers and managers of small businesses in manufacturing sectors
Entrepreneurs, managers and managers of small businesses in commerce
Entrepreneurs, managers and managers of small businesses in services for businesses, banking and similar
Entrepreneurs and directors of large banks, insurance companies, real estate agencies, financial intermediaries
Entrepreneurs and directors of large companies in services to businesses and individuals
Directors and general managers of companies

Finance for Innovation Curriculum

Entrepreneurs of innovative firms
Financial analysts working for medium and large innovative companies
External financial consultants for small, medium and large innovative businesses
Financial analysis and investment managers working for investments banks, commercial banks, investment funds (venture capital, private equity, family offices?) and other financial intermediaries
Directors and managers of finance departments

Employment statistics (Almalaurea)

The programme interacts with local, national and international stakeholders, such as professional organizations, manufacturing companies and service providers.