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For the updated list of Erasmus+ destinations, please visit the Erasmus page of DEMM website; a file called "Accordi Erasmus" is available for download on the bottom of the page.

Students enrolled in MIE program can spend a study period above as part of the Erasmus+ Programme, to take courses, sit exams and/or conduct research on their master's dissertation. The study abroad period, which lasts from three to 12 months, allows access to the teaching and research facilities of European Universities. Once students return to Italy, they receive academic recognition for the activities successfully conducted abroad.
The list of available opportunities and destinations is updated every year. Students may refer to the following page to learn more:
Course selection is finalized prior to departure together with the student mobility representative of the degree course. Credits obtained are officially recognized at the end of the exchange period and included in the study plan.
Students can also join the traineeship programme (Placement), by going abroad from 2 up to 12 months, starting their traineeship from the first year of study. For a traineeship which is an integral part of the curriculum, the sending institution must give full academic recognition for the period spent abroad. For a traineeship that is not part of the curriculum of the student, the sending institution shall provide recognition at least by recording this period in the Diploma Supplement or, in the case of recent graduates, by providing a traineeship certificate.
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See  competition announcement, deadlines and all the information for Erasmus+ application on the University website: Erasmus contribution, prior to departure, during the stay, returning to Italy